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The new RealFibs Windows FIBS client!

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Download the current beta version (installer application)...

Download RealFibs

(Only NT4.0/2000/XP)

Download RealFibs (PGP signed) Here is a PGP singed version of that file (for burper :-)

Download signing key Here is the corresponding public PGP key (Patrick Hoffmann,

To install it, just open the installer RealFibsSetup.exe and follow the instructions.

A FIBS (including RealFibs) user forum is available at...

To contact us send mail to...

RealFibs features: If you have an idea of a new feature that should be implemented in RealFibs, please write a message to and tell us about.

Known bugs or missing features (wish list, sorted by priority): These bugs will be fixed in the next few weeks. Stay up to date at this web site! If you find bugs that are not in the list above, please send us reports to Much thanks to all the beta testers.

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